La Paz South Baja California

All the cities has a name, but here there are a name that have a city. When the conquerors entered to the bahia, helped by the wind, and disembarked to the desert, the Indians hide behind the dunes. There was no fights and the arcabuces served to strengthen an awning and to make shade. For that reason Cortes, - the missionary, not the conqueror - give to this place the name of Our Mrs. of La Paz.

Loreto, South Baja California

All with Loreto deficiencies, this town persists to almost three centuries which have been the front door to a culture that forges day after day with the propose to populate and to make its own reason of being a culture that scorns the stagnation because they value and recognizes the death, as the good player exclaims: The one that does not risk, does not win

Reserve of the Biosphere of Vizcaino

In heart of peninsula of Baja California South, bathed to the West by waters of the ocean Pacifico, in where their coasts form vast systems of coastal lagoons that are lost in the barren desert and bordered by dunes until rising in the Mountain range of San Francisco to culminate in the Cortes sea or Gulf of California, extends the reserve of the Biosphere of Vizcaíno. Impressive natural scene with a unique and surprising biodiversity that has been considered Patrimony of the Humanity. With a surface of 2 and a half million hectares, the botanical species and animals, have been developed endemic characteristic to survive in the severe surroundings of eroded plains, mountain ranges and torrents of lava.

Los Cabos, South Baja California

This municipy have a of vertiginous growth in which are based the same tourist destinies of world-wide class like Cabo San Lucas and San Jose of the Cabo that colorful populations and great artisan tradition. In the southwestern region of the peninsula, bordering the ocean Pacific and the sea of Cortes, you can found golf courses, greatest resorts, restaurants, and, of course, beautiful beaches in where you can to enjoy water activities and beautiful landscapes.

Ciudad Constitución, South Baja California

Municipal Head of Comondu, Ciudad Constitucion is the pride of many generations of man and women that with they work transform a dessert into a vergel. Located in the agricola heart of the Valley of Santo Domingo, their main activities are agriculture and ganaderia and it counts with an important infrastructure of services for the visitor who goes in plan of businesses or towards the near ports of San Carlos and Lopez Mateos to observe the gray whale.

Mulege, South Baja California

Fascinating natural spectaculars will be present at in the privileged territory of Mulegé. The gray whale remains during the winter in the seas and lagoons Eye of Hare, Guerrero Negro and San Ignacio, while great amounts of resident and migratory birds fly on dunes. The enthusiastic ecoturism and adventurers can live other experiences like observing the cave paintings that old settlers left shaped in caves and tubes of the Mountain range of San Francisco.