Within the Peninsula of Baja California, we can found A great variety of Museums, which of we can learn and know more of the cultural life in the Baja California:

local museum wa-kuatay

That in language kumiai means "great House of the great head", tries to increase the cultural heap of those who lives in the region, as well as the national and international tourism. In history can be known the region through the centuries.

san ignacio cave painting museum

Located in Mission San Ignacio without I number, San Ignacio. Visits guided by the guards of the Mountain range of San Francisco. The museum counts on an archaeological collection of Rock Art of the mountain range of San Francisco in B.C.S., which consists of petrograbado painting and a story of the history of the first settlers.

historic museum of guadalupe valley

Located in the Russian colony of the town Francisco Zarco, Valley of Guadalupe of the municipality of Cove

national museum of antropology and history

Located in Altamirano and 5 of May without number, in downtown of La Paz BCS, today comprises of important attractive the cultural ones of the state.

jesuitic missions museum

In Loreto, south Baja California, Mission of century XVIII, the museum offers an ample collection of religious art and talabartería. Its thematic one turns on the history of the Missions doing a route from the time of the discovery and Conquista.