More than one decade it would pass before they were possible to continue the agricultural experiments and "the harvest of souls" of father Kino in Californian lands. It will not be until 1696 when the jesuita Juan Ma. Salvatierra receives authorization of the provincial order, to establish missions in California, with the condition of which the expenses did not run on the part of the Company of Jesus nor of the Virrey. On the first decade of century XVIII the missions of Santa Rosalía Mulegé, San Juan Malibát and San José de Comondú were based. In 1720 the mission of the Purest Cadegomó Conception settles down, after a delay in its establishment due to one season of disastrous hurricanes.

In the South part, Salvatierra father had tried to approach with guaycuras and pericúes, which had been algid, would not be but after the death of jesuita saying that would be based the mission of La Paz this foundation would be carried out in 1720. The following mission in settling down in this region was the one of San José del Cabo in 1730. This mission would serve as refreshment for the ships that come from the Philippines that berthed in San Bernabé.

mission of our lady of loreto concho

Founded on October 25 of 1697 by Juan Maria de Salvatierra, the Loreto mission it is the first mission of the Californian. For 1793 it counted on a built church and a stone quadrangle. The church suffered serious damages in 1829 as a result of a weather and lost its tower in an earthquake in 1877.

At the moment one is reconstruct and it lodges the Museum of the Missions, where religious objects of centuries XVI and XVII are exposed. This mission is considering "The mother of all the missions of the Californian" has recognition to the audacious and enterprising jesuita missionary, for that reason she is considered Loreto de Salvatierra Mission.

santa rosalía de mulege mission

Like all the missions, the first constructions of Santa Rosalía de Mulegé from August of 1705, were simple structures of marinates, but in 1766 the construction of the stone church that we know now began. His founder was the friar Juan Manuel de Basaldúa.

Stone on stone, immutable..., more strength than mission, the memories return to make truth the passage of the missionaries by this earth for more than two centuries than they left. Its charge was fulfilled and the indigenous population of the Californian almost disappears. Now, the memories face us the history of this as single peninsula as their deserts.

san ignacio de kadakaaman mission

he mission of San Ignacio is located in the middle of a beautiful oasis that wins to the desert.

In 1728 Juan Luyando Baptist, it built an ample church of marinates with ceiling of tule, In 1772, fray Francisco Palou informed that this mission also counted with buildings for the missionaries and the soldiers. Nowadays it dominates a flank of the town main square; the knowledgeable villagers of the jewel whom they have, they conserve and they defend to most elegant of the missions.

bell tower of the loreto mission

Eight bells awaiting the call, eight dumb bells witnesses of the time and the history of this earth that cracks with its sound, with the escape one of the mottled one and the wild lamb, as well as long ago cracked under the feet of the missionaries. Renewed tower that speaks to us of the pride of the bajacaliforniano men by the little history that has lived in the middle of the solitudes on desert and sea.

san francisco javier mission

The mountain range frames the beauty of San Javier mission, second built in California. It reune all the characteristics looked for by the conquerors missionaries: a source where to provide itself with water in the streams that run by the tubes; Indians to who turn to the catholicism without concerning his status and an unbreakable faith to serve its God. Witness of the past, the mission has his beauty and with nostalgia is awaiting the times.

the mulege oasis

The water that emerges from the dryness of the peninsula blesses these corners, where the palms and the dates bloom; so little unmistakable water veins but sign of sedentary life..., offer to us the calm of the towns that eternally have been so small towns that they only paint of blue and green his geography, in hot and pulverous surroundings.